A modular system for Boardgame

Why AdapTableTop?
AdapTableTop (ATT) is an “adaptable tabletop” modular system, practical and quick to assemble to be used on an existing table and intended for all board game players. Its function is to add a second level to place the bulky game elements, such as the game boards, leaving the space below free for other components, snacks, and drinks.



Concept: Zattini Mario – Fornino Giuliano
: M2A Progetti
Graphic: BE Comunicazioni
Publisher: Game Start Edizioni

Main Features

Quick and easy to mount

The first feature we focused on is the ease of assembling and disassembling “ATT”, without using metal parts or screws to ensure the safety of younger children and giving the product the best flexibility of use without having to spend too much time in the setup.

Adaptable to any table size modular and customizable

You no longer have to adapt to the space available to play. Now you can create a new surface and choose to mount each leg and each “ATT” module wherever you prefer, according to your needs. You can also decide to split it or to use only one of the six available modules to make it suitable for even the smallest tables. Each module is 30 x 30cm (11,8 x 11,8 inch).

Two height modular legs

With “ATT” you can change the legs height during the assembly phase: you can choose between 8 and 12 cm (3,1 and 4,7 inch). If we had not entered this feature, Some of the players would have had visual problems and then be forced to get up often to understand what to do during the game session. We don’t want your favorite game to be stressful too. You can use the different heights of “ATT” to create environments with different levels in a wargame or RPG scenario.

Solid, stable and monolithic

Reliable, stable and monolithic: 3 features to prevent the gaming experience
from being ruined by an accidental gesture. The interlocking method we
have chosen consists in the use of legs equipped with four pins each; they
block the planks and ensure the stability of the structure. The legs can be inserted anywhere thanks to the lower part of the table made up of a continuous beehive grid. The shape difference between table hexagonal hollow area and the four-round pins of each leg allows stability and rapidity in assembly. It is undoubtedly better to invest more time in playing than to waste time assembling a device, risking to make this phase boring. The thickness of the top ABS plastic allows the table to maintain up to 9kg of material on it and to guarantee this weight, our crash test reached 12kg. You can play any game or wargame with metal scenery, but we do not recommend playing Twister!

Dynamic stability

Stability, in any situation: is the essential point. It was not enough for us that, during use, it was monolithic but we wanted it to be like this even on the move, with your games or puzzles on it and with the certainty of not having any problem. How many of you happened to have to move while you were playing or doing a puzzle? You can do it without any problem and no risk. Thanks to the “DYNAMIC STABILITY ADAPTERS” to be inserted under the modules, any accidental release is prevented, bringing “ATT” to a higher standard of stability.

6 Colors available

“ATT” is a multi-surface solution that can also be used outside the playful context, thanks to its complete modularity. Do you, therefore, want a color matching your decor? It will be possible to choose from more than one color and we managed to insert six! Silver, Gold, red, blue, black, and green are the five colors with a matt finish.

Compact and transportable

It will be available with a rigid and compact case to facilitate its transport when you go to use it outside your home.

ATT Open Source System

The honeycomb under the “ATT” modules allows the legs and stabilizers to interlock in any position. So we asked ourselves: why not make the technical data of the joints “open source” so that anyone can personalize his AdapTableTop with any 3D printer? The “.stl” file (compatible with any 3D printer software) will be downloadable from Gamestart Website (here)

Player Kit

ATT Player Kit combines essential components for a boardgames player.
It includes card holders, token holders, rewritable separators for cards, and two dice towers!

All elements are designed to integrate perfectly with the main parts of AdapTableTop.

Plus Edition
Colors Combination

AdapTableTop Plus Edition allows you to choose 2 ATT Standard Edition of 2 different colors and combine them as you wish

Downloads & Resources

Open Source Downloadable Content
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I play a lot of D&D and setting up on the table when an encounter happens takes a lot of time (your tiles and soon your walls as well : ). With ATT I can set it up beforehand and just place it on the table. I also have quite a lot of miniature boardgames that I want to be able to set aside to finish later. This is an ideal addition to my gaming material.

MarkEuropean Ks backer

I have quite a few games that have large game boards and being able to lift the board off of the table to create more space for the other pieces would be great. Also, I have been wanting to try playing Betrayal and House on the Hill with each house level on a different table level and I think this will help with that.

AlexandraFB GameStart follower

As a gamer who loves huge/deep/epic games but lives in a pretty small space, this looks like a fantastic, flexible, and well-designed way to increase usable tabletop surface without needing more/larger furniture or much extra storage. Potentially also useful for desks, shelves, kitchen counters, cabinets, and probably more.

JayceUS Ks backer

Provides additional functionality compared to another similar campaign I backed. I like how the parts connect together, it feels like it's easier and quicker to breakdown like Lego after a game is done. The other campaign, has it unscrewing metal legs, and pulling the tops apart. I also like how you can stack to create multiple levels.

JustinUS KS backer

I had been interested in a multilevel system since we play games on my small kitchen table. I passed up other Kickstarters like this. I decided to back yours because of the modular system that allows more customization and add ons connected to the legs and the hex grid, and the accessory stretch goal. It makes it more useful and flexible than just a raised surface.

MartijnFB GameStart follower

We often find that tables are to narrow to fit all the pieces you need in front of each player AND the board. But if you have a table wide enough then your too far away to reach around the whole board. This will be great as it will allow our players to put their hands beneath the board while still being able to reach everything on the board. Also has great potential for RPG with levels in the dungeon/tower.

DominicAustralian Ks Backer

Boardgames with bigger footprint take space, about 60x90cm. Usually tables are rectangular with the shorter side not much bigger than 90cm and people sitting there will feel not very comfortable. I'll gain quite some space with this system. I can even play those games outside, in a ludopub, using this product.

KatiaEuropean Ks backer

Over the last few years I’ve amassed a considerable collection of games but space is often at a premium - this system looks perfect for keeping people’s drinks and snacks away from the games 👌

EdenAustralian Ks backer