Fantasy World Creator: Dungeon & Town – 02.08

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Hi guys,

Here is the fulfillment status for Dungeon & Town:

US: All shipments have been made. If someone still hasn’t received their package, please write to us to verify the tracking.

Canada: fulfillment is 100% complete. Great job of Lionrampart that will be our partner also for the distribution of AdapTableTop.

Asia – Africa-South America: all groupages have already left; as you know, here the shipping times are a bit longer.

Australia: fulfillment is 98% complete. There was a little stock problem that we will resolve as soon as possible..

Europe: the fulfillment is 99% complete we are fixing some problems due to the management of GLS-Parcelforce. If anyone hasn’t received their package yet, please contact us at our support.

New Facebook Group

Following the many requests made by users to post their maps, creations and ask for advice, we have created a new Facebook group. At this link, you can subscribe and be the firsts of a new community dedicated to role players who have found in “World Creator” a new way to play that is gathering many fans.

We invite you to subscribe and post your content, always respecting everyone, and following the group’s guidelines.

We are really curious to find out how you use our products and know many of you with whom we have only exchanged messages or emails in recent years. Our backers’ opinion is very important to us, as we have ( hope) always tried to demonstrate during the Ks campaigns and the customer support.

On the Dungeon&Town page, you will find, under the “Downloads & Resources” section, a campaign’s content bonus as the last goal. This is an STL (direct 3D printing) file to print a new type of base, which will allow you to make walls at 60 and 120-degree angles. That’s right! You can also use walls on games with hexagonal tiles (who said Gloomhaven?) or add more combinations to what you already have. As many of you have already shown in the FB “World Creator” group, the possibilities are endless!

Web App

We invite you to connect to it from the address

Here, both the Fantasy application and the Future World Creator application have been brought together; you can use one or the other after entering the code that you found under the boxes’ lid. The application has been improved with the inclusion of “layers” that will allow you to compose different levels of the same map, a handy option, especially for Future World Creator.

When you create or save a new map, you can choose whether to make it public and share it with other users.

If you want to print your adventure, you can do it from the command “PDF” at the bottom right, in the map menu.

Thanks to the “LINE” tool, you can now create thick straight lines, making it easier to draw walls and long strokes.

All the other previous functions have remained unchanged, so you can use the contents of the Fantasy – Future World Creator boxes to draw your maps and enrich them with special notes and drawings.

We hope everyone to be able to return soon to play together in “the old way” that is “live with friends”.

Stay Safe

Giuliano & Mario @ Game Start Team