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ATT Fulfillment update. Please, read carefully.

Hi guys,

I update you on the AdapTableTop status.

Surely all of you have seen the news about the ship stranded in the Suez Canal. This unfortunate event, which happened immediately after the Chinese New Year (therefore at the moment of most significant demand for boats), caused a disastrous chain reaction on naval transport to Europe and the Pacific because many ships have changed course.

As a result, AdapTableTop is still being loaded at the Shenzen docks, and the rental costs and booking time for ships have doubled.

However, we would like to underline that we will NOT ask you for any shipping adjustment costs, as someone has asked us. We do not find it fair to ask you for anything because you have no to deal with this worldwide mess.

The ships will leave as promised, but the times are getting longer. Below is the current status:

  • Canada: will be the first ship to depart on April 22nd, with an estimated arrival in Lionrampart warehouse on May 19th
  • Australia: departure on April 29th with an estimated arrival in Sydney on May 19th
  • UK: sailed on May 2nd, expected to arrive in the UK on May 28th.
  • Italy (EU): The arrival is scheduled for June 11th in Italy.
  • USA: The first ship is scheduled for May 20th, the next one a few days later. Estimated arrival at Bridge Fulfillment in Georgia: June 20th.

Fulfillments will begin approximately one week after receipt of the goods.

Unfortunately, this situation is frustrating for everyone, considering that production ended at the beginning of January and we have had the goods stopped for four months now.

We thank everyone for your patience and will update you as soon as we have news. For any question or shipping address changes, you can write to me:

Thanks for understanding, see you soon

Stay Safe

Giuliano @ Game Start Team