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ATT – 02.22 – AdapTableTop preview. What will come to your home?

By 22 February 2021No Comments

Hello guys,

Post-production samples arrived at our headquarters, and we immediately jumped into opening the boxes and testing products.

ATT products line

Unboxing ATT

The panels form a barrier that protects the internal components; each panel is sealed in a bag, and two plastic foam bars divide the whole. The rubber stoppers are all placed in a bag, while the legs arrive already assembled.

Box inside

The rubber stoppers have been changed from the initial version and now fit perfectly under the leg; please note that the cut is hexagonal, so it has an insertion direction.

Rubber hole

Inside the box, you’ll also find an instruction sheet with the QR Code to download the whole ATT_open_source part, exclusive for Kickstarter backers.

Box content


We are very proud of ATT’s colors; in these photos, you can see an assembled example of each table and also a combination of two different colors.

ATT colors tower


We have assembled and disassembled the tables several times without any problems. As we had already anticipated, we have kept the joints between the legs and the honeycomb system rather tight. We, therefore, advise you to fit the legs with the modules firmly, and ATT will remain solid even without the need for Dynamic Stability Adapters.

ATT back mount
Giuliano & ATT’s reliability

DSAs will come in handy when you want to mount ATT in a configuration that requires less leg use; in fact, they can easily replace a leg at an interlocking point. If you use DSAs in this way, we advise you not to exaggerate the weight placed over the DSA junction points.


The Player Kit adds even more variety to ATT by adding card-holders, token-holders (with lids), dice rolling towers, and card deck separators. In the image below, we have spread the playmats on the black side.

Player Kit Full, box content

ATT for role-players

The second side of the playmats allows role players to use ATT as the basis for maps. In the image below, we have assembled a scenario with Dungeon&Town.


The mini-expansion with Viking legs adds extra ATT module combinations. The six (light) panels can also be assembled using only the DSA and mounting the thematic legs at the corners; the result is a fantastic Fantasy-themed mini-ATT!

Viking Thematic leg

At what point is ATT?

AdapTableTop was entirely produced. The boxes will be packed for shipment as soon as the factory reopens after the Chinese New Year holidays, which will end on February 27th. Considering the congestion of the period and the Covid slowdowns, the containers will leave China by the end of March, to be in warehouses by the end of April. We will keep you updated on each phase, and in the next update, we will confirm the logistics centers that will manage the fulfillment.

What are your thoughts? please share them in the ATT FB forum!

Thank you all for your support, and stay safe.

Giuliano & Mario @ Game Start Studio